The Types of Domain Hosting and Registration Packages

The Types of Domain Hosting and Registration Packages

People often pair the process of both domain hosting and registration. But, there’s a clear difference between the two and you ought to be aware of it.  In simple layman terms, the domain is the specific internet address for a particular website while hosting is used to refer to the space that the site is stored. This article expounds on the different types of packages for domain hosting and registration.

Domain and hosting separate

This is where you choose two different companies one for registering the website and another for storing it. This will require you to point the domain to the hosting account. This is mainly advisable when you have a company that can let you register your domain name for free. As it is cheaper, then you look for a web host to store your site. You can even install an appropriate website software on your account after buying your hosting rights. Here you can easily get rid of a contract from any of the two companies. This is because the bond is minimal for each of the specific providers.

Domain and hosting together

This involves buying the two aspects from the same company. It is a common route for most website creators for the convenience it offers. It also makes lots of sense since there are many hosting companies that also provide domains. There are those that even have a prepared package where you can be offered a free domain for the first year they host you. This package can, however, turn out to be expensive in the long run when the renewal fees are factored in.

Domain and hosting bundled together

Commonly referred to as the website builder, it involves getting a single deal for the two aspects. It includes a single package from the same company, and its simplicity makes a lot of sense. Its convenience is also enhanced by the fact that everything is integrated together. Despite turning out to be expensive in the long run, this package implies being bound to the company and hence hard to terminate the contract. It is also difficult for you to customize specific features or edits for your site.


This is the initiating process through which you must pass. After deciding on the package that suits you, an activation plan is provided by the company of choice.

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