Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting Your Domain Hosting Name

Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting Your Domain Hosting Name

In this current age and time, you will at some point need to have a website or a blog to use for your business. For this to be possible, you first need to have a domain name which will be hosted by a service provider. The domain name that you choose has an impact on the failures or the success of your marketing efforts. There are a lot of mistakes that you may make while choosing the name. This article discusses mistakes to avoid while selecting your domain name.

v Picking a domain name that has already been taken

This might sound like a silly mistake, but it is made by many businesses. Some of these companies go ahead to print a domain name on business cards and advertisement brochures before they are ready to buy the domain. The moment you start coming up with a list of names, make sure you check whether they are still available or they have already been sold. You can also choose to purchase a domain name from providers to avoid wasting a lot of time.

v Picking a Domain Name That is not a .com

These days, you can easily come across a lot of domain names with extensions such as (.org, .biz, .tv). For many years, people have slowly been “programmed” after years of typing .com. people automatically think that every domain name ends with the extension .com. avoid any domain with the.com extension to avoid losing traffic. Many of these clients may end up visiting a site with the same domain name as yours but with the .com extension. This will not be good for your business at all.

v Domain that is difficult to spell and remember

Be sure to avoid any domain names that are hard to spell out. These are names that are filled with complex words or uncommon words with unusual spelling. A name that is hard to spell is also hard to remember. With such a domain, you are as good as not having one. Since marketing is important by word of mouth, come up with an easy to spell and remember domain name. This way, clients can remember it even from a TV advert.


Make sure you have considered the provider’s services with the same effort that you consider the domain name. The service provider should be affordable and reliable. Run this test on domain hosting companies before settling on one.

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