Domain Hosting Basics

Domain Hosting Basics

Did you ever wonder how the stuff you read on most websites got there? How is it that these pages appear to be viewed by anyone who clicks them on the internet? The process involves first putting together the files that you want to appear on your website. That’s where a hosting service comes into play. The following is an outlook of how domain hosting works.

o   Web servers

These are specific computers configured with special a software that respond to HTTP requests from clients. It stores the data and sends or receives as per requested by clients or browsers on the internet. The hardware includes a computer that is equipped with a hard drive that is heavy duty, and the RAM should be extensive. To add to that is that the processor should be super fast. This will enable high-speed browsing without delays and therefore efficient service delivery.

Web servers are identified by specific IP (internet protocol) addresses that are unique to each computer. These IP addresses are critical since they are the only form of distinguishing one server from another and are which web servers use to locate others online. Additional abilities of a server include the capabilities of supporting encrypted connections and authentication of users. There are other instances too where it is crucial for a server to log information about requests made by clients and have responses.

o   Domain hosting functions

The chief aim of a web host is to provide a server and connection to the internet for your website to be viewed by any connected individual. They provide the space for you and that by itself requires a lot of configurations as well as technical expertise. They, therefore, input their financial investment to own these servers.

Any physical needs such as housing and maintenance of the servers are the sole responsibility of the owners of the web hosting service. This includes ensuring crucial needs such as cooling of the computers to prevent overheating and crushing. Web hosting companies are also concerned with the software maintenance and any upgrades or repairs that may be essential. This, in turn, ensures websites are surfed uninterruptedly.


The above is a summary of the basics involved in any website hosting service. There are companies established for this sole purpose. They can choose to provide hosting over several different platforms depending on their client’s affordability.

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